Choosing the Right Sunday School Curriculum for Children

Choosing the Right Sunday School Curriculum for Children

Choosing a Sunday School curriculum is a high responsibility. God commands parents to instruct their children in His ways (Deut 6:1–25; Prov 1–8; Eph 6:1), and often the greatest evangelistic opportunity in any church is its children. Further, Scripture warns against the dangers of neglecting the instruction of children (Judges 2:6–11). How then do you choose a biblical method of teaching for a wide age range? Practically, what elements are foundational to a good Sunday School curriculum?

Saturate children with Scripture

First, the right Sunday School curriculum must saturate children with Scripture. God commands His statutes and judgments to be taught (Deut 6:1–2). A curriculum that avoids Scripture, whether through the absence of Bible verses or summarizing and weakening Bible verses, fails this first requirement. Therefore, a wise teaching method must read the actual words of the Bible with the kids.

Only by building upon each other and buttressing the whole house will the final structure stand firm.

Moreover, the right curriculum must teach the breadth of Scripture (Acts 20:27) while maintaining its balance. This task requires wisdom since an imbalance in any area will stunt spiritual growth. The right curriculum must teach children how to walk step-by-step through God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation. 

Repeat and Reinforce the Truth

Second, the right Sunday School curriculum should repeat and reinforce the truth. The blessed man is he who meditates on the Law of God day and night (Josh 1:8; Psalm 1:2). Meditation involves continuous recall; repetition is key to learning. Therefore, a curriculum that teaches the Bible without highlighting key themes will be like an unfinished house. What use is it to have the required building materials if none of them cohere? Only by building upon each other and buttressing the whole house will the final structure stand firm. Therefore, the right Sunday School curriculum must take care to construct a child’s biblical understanding by reinforcing Scripture’s themes.

Never Usurp the Parental Role

Third, the right Sunday School curriculum must serve parents. Parents possess the responsibility to raise their children. No program may usurp the crucial role of mom and dad. Therefore, a wise curriculum aims to aid parents and not replace them. The right Sunday School curriculum must involve the parents from day one in the daily instruction of their kids.

About Generations of Grace

Generations of Grace was developed with each of these foundational elements in mind. First, Generations of Grace saturates children with Scripture by teaching them every essential narrative in Scripture—from Genesis to Revelation. In this way, children learn the Bible in the order that God revealed it to His people. This method teaches the breadth of Scripture over three years—two in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament. Second, Generations of Grace reinforces Scripture’s themes in two ways. By studying narratives in order, themes and doctrine build from the ground up, culminating in Christ. The curriculum strengthens understanding by repeating every three years. Generations of Grace instructs children aged 3–12.

By studying narratives in order, themes and doctrine build from the ground up, culminating in Christ.

Ideally, a child who begins at age three will learn the narratives in Scripture three times before they enter junior high school. Finally, Generations of Grace partners with parents in its instruction. Parents receive a family devotional specifically designed to deepen each week’s Sunday School lesson through daily practice in the home. Since every child aged 3–12 learns the same Sunday lesson, the family devotional will guide every child in the home as parents lead. Generations of Grace offers the right Sunday School curriculum for your children’s ministry—biblically thorough, practically repetitious, and parentally centered.

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amelia brown

It sure was helpful when you said that you must choose a Sunday school that has a curriculum that saturates children with Scripture. My husband and I are planning to find a Sunday school service for our two children so they can be filled with the idea of worship and scriptures. For sure, we will consider your tips on choosing a Sunday school for our two kids starting on Sunday.

Shammy Peterson

Great point about maintaining balance in Scripture, I had not really thought about this or how it can be done efficiently to properly guide the children. Would love for that topic to be explored! Thank you!!

Andrea Arias

Please let me know what the application process entails. I’d love to serve God’s children/teens and do have experience with being a counselor (MFT trainee) for k-12 children. I realize this is completely different but an interesting in learning more. Thank you & God bless.


Mia Harkness

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