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Additional Resources

Sunday School

Bulletin Inserts

Generations of Grace is set up as a unified curriculum, meaning that all the children in a family will be learning from the same passage of Scripture each week. Bulletin Inserts provide a recap of the lesson that parents can see and review with their families. Click to download the Bulletin Inserts for each year:

Year 1 • Year 2 • Year 3

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials are here to support your church in spreading the word about the Generations of Grace Sunday School program to both your church members and people in your community.

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Activity Book Answer Keys

The Activity Books provide age-appropriate activities corresponding to the lesson. Preschoolers will enjoy dot-to-dot, tracing, mazes, comparisons, and more. Older children will enjoy crossword puzzles, word searches, decoding, find the difference, word scrambles, review sheets, and other engaging activities. Click to download the Answer Key for each year:

Year 1 • Year 2 • Year 3 

Teacher Preparation Sheet

The Teacher Preparation Sheet provides teachers with a simple guide to aid in understanding the lesson commentary. It includes space to write ideas, along with helpful tips to prepare the lesson each week and to properly and effectively communicate the main points of the lesson.
Click Here to download the Teacher Preparation Sheet. 

Music and Songs

Along with the regular in-classroom materials, Generations of Grace can be paired with hymns and other spiritual songs to engage and aid in the student's understanding of the biblical stories and the truths that can be applied. Each lesson comes with a featured hymn and a review hymn, as well as other age-appropriate songs. Click to download the song list for each year.

Year 1Year 2Year 3

Student Journal

This Student Journal is designed for children to review what they learn on a Sunday morning as they learn from Generations of Grace. A review is written out of each weeks lesson and there is a place for them to take notes during Sunday school. As a way of review during the week, there is a weekly outline of passages to read that relate to each week’s lesson which par with the Family Devotional. As families do devotions together, children can write down things they have learned and prayer requests, questions, or other concerns that they can take to the LORD or ask their parents about. Click to download the Student Journal for each year (the pages can be printed as a two-sided booklet and hole-punched):

Year 1 • Year 2 • Year 3 

Program Explanation Videos

Program Explanation Videos help to explain the Generations of Grace curriculum in an easy to understand way.

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Adventure Club

Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages are a black and white version of our Adventure Club illustrations. These are provided to help fill downtime during the Adventure Club program that you might have. 

Year 1

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials are here to support your church in spreading the word about the Adventure Club program to both your church members and people in your community.

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Trackers Image • Scouts Image • Trailblazers Image

Music and Songs

Each weekly program of Adventure Club includes a time of music with the AC kids. The Adventure Club Teacher Book has physical CDs of music for Trackers and Scouts as well as musical recommendation on a weekly basis. If you are looking for additional music resources such as Cord Sheets, Lyric Sheets, PowerPoint files, and other digital files, please click on one of our partners below.

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School Outlines

School Outlines will provide an outline of the Adventure Club curriculum that can be used for a school or home school setting if you desire to teach this curriculum to students. For additional details on how to structure the program for your particular school, contact our customer service team.

Year 1

PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint Presentation will assist in the presentation of the Adventure Club materials to others that are trying to learn about the program and decide if it should be used in their church or home.