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Mid-Week Evening Program

A three year curriculum for kids to learn systematic theology. Adventure Club teaches kids ages 3-11 year old systematic theology of the Bible. Topics cover the church, the Bible, and the end times (year 1), man, sin, and salvation (year 2), and the Trinity (year 3). This program offers a fun way to learn more about the Bible through memorizing verses, earning pins, playing games, singing songs.

Products for Kids

Kids have a lot of fun options to choose from. Adventure Club has take home books for your kids that has a fun adventure story, games, activities, and their Bible verses. Kids can earn pins by memorizing their Bible verses each week. These pins can be traded and collected to put on their satchels. There are also shirts for each different age group so that all the kids can feel like they are a part of the same club.

Products for Leaders and Teachers

Customize the program to fit your church's needs. The teacher books has everything that someone would need to run their Adventure Club program. The leader book is an abridged version of the teacher book that helps to organize all of the volunteers and instruct the leaders on what to do with the kids. Leaders and teachers can join the fun adventure too by having their own shirts and satchels.